Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reflection on Lesson Plan

I personally did not like my lesson and how it turned out.  I have to admit my preparation was lacking and I made a number of last minute changes the very night before.  My lesson plan was designed to keep my kids busy with work so behavior issues wouldn't occur.  It worked but I got so bored with my own lesson.  It was TOO QUIET!  By the end of the class I admit I gave up because I felt my lesson plan wasn't working and cut the end of it short.  My assessment was lacking because I didn't clearly pronounce instructions and felt rushed the entire time. If given another chance I would have loved to use the stations idea to its potential, adding more learning varieties that would involve kinesthetic learners and visual learners.  Adding a map or some visuals to my lecture would have been beneficial as well.  Also I believe my readings were too lengthy which turned off too many students.  When creating a lesson plan I have to find the appropriate difficulty for my students as well as the right technique to get them going.  I honestly don't like a quiet classroom, I enjoy discussion and group work where students work collaboratively to attain a goal; most cases to find answers or research information.  My lesson plan had a potential chance but my execution didn't cut it.  Good thing is you learn more from failure than success so I know what to improve on for next time.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Reflection on digital storytelling

Digital storytelling was a lot of fun. My partner and I both lived on campus so meeting up was not a problem. We had a good idea going into the project and started on a high note. We discussed in class the outline and basic dialogue for the assignment. Kristen was the brains of the operation and handled all the techincal sound effects and camera angles.  I supplied the camera and was the main actor throughout.  Because we shot everything ourselves we had no issues with copyright and it was easier to piece together pictures and video.  It was really fun to actually act and shoot.  The difficult part was the editing process, which was more time consuming than anything, but my partner, who is familiar with the imovie program, really nailed it. The outcome was better than i expected.  It gave an important issue some attention and brought together a few laughs as well.  Im proud of our piece and really enjoyed the experience.  Good partner, fun topic, entertaining outcome.

Friday, February 24, 2012

End of day 2

We accomplished alot today, We completed our script and even figured out the structure of our pictures and videos. We plan on meeting up tommorrow and shootiing all the film and video.  I cant wait its going to be fun and entertaining.

So far...

Last class my partner and I got a good amount of planning accomplished.  We didnt have a chance to meet up during the week since but we both are going to be getting the work done over the weekend for our digital storytelling.  Today I expect to get more work done and get the script and details knocked out before the end of class.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End of class Day 1

My partner Kristen and I accomplished alot today.  We already had a solid concept of what the story was going to be.  We nailed out a rough script and started putting pictures to words, deciding what each scene was going to look like.  We are getting together this week and next to finalize everything and schedule when we can take photos for our project.  Overall our story is going to be a message people can relate to, It is a serious message but we are going to add our sense of humor to make it move along nicely.  A mix of serious issues with comedic pictures and video will help fuel our story.  On a side note is a pain in the butt sometimes, just trying to set up this blog was a challenge, granted I slacked on getting to this, but its up now and this A+ is now on its way.